Engr. Onyeanya Uchenna Cosmas

Founder | Harmonie Spring School


Dear Parents and Students, It is my pleasure to welcome you to Harmonie Spring School, an institution that heralds a new chapter in the provision and delivery of high quality international standard education in Nigeria.

At HSS it is our firm belief that education must be well-rounded and balanced, affecting every aspect of human life. The early/foundational and elementary/basic years are critical phases of a child’s educational journey and are pivotal to a robust secondary level education. It is therefore important that the experience of the child at this crucial period of life be robust, balanced, rewarding and pleasurable.

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed a marked deterioration in the quality of education available in Nigeria, and its immediate environs. We have also witnessed the gradual negative shift in focus, depth, values, within the educational sector. Like in other decent climes, the educational sector ought to be the hub of intellectuals and training ground for solution- driven individuals who are groomed to contribute significantly to the growth and development of their community/economy.

To this end, Harmonie Spring School was born with the vision to raise Solution bearers and servant leaders with Godly Character who will positively impact and transform Nigeria and the world at large.

We are on a mission to repair and rebuild the broken walls of sound education and Godly Character through thorough, intentional and balanced learning programs. We are deliberate about making education a “Total experience” in all expressions of Harmonie Spring School with our robust and innovative learning programs. We believe that the Nigerian child should have the benefit of a high-quality education while remaining in the local environment that allows them to maintain their cultural values and family affiliations. We are set to provide such an environment.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to an excellent educational experience at Harmonie Spring School.